Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i'm 21!!!


so sorry for the lack of posts as of late...i've been celebrating my 21st birthday for about 3 weeks now :) my actual bday was aug 12, i have to admit...although i have failed to update posts i have kept up with all of your blogs!

i should be updating soon...all for now XOXO

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i'm here!!!

i haven't blogged in a week! that is WAY TOO LONG :(

i've been hanging out with family and friends now that i'm back home for about a month i gotta get my fill of them lol

feels so good to be home!

here are a couple of new items i've bought...

this ring is pretty fantastic, vintage, and was only $4.00!!!

this is my favorite! look at the pretty shape & stone!!

and i LOVEEE how thick and chunky this necklace is...i'm going to a sushi restaurant tonight and i'm definitely gonna wear it :)

what do you think of this vest? it's made in Ecuador and i fell in love with all the designs on it...i think it's beautiful!! and it's hand-made of course...let me know what you think...

that's all for now i'll let you know how sushi goes...i'm going to RA sushi and tonight there's a bunch of sushi and drink specials! yayyy!!! and it's supposed to be super yummy...i'll keep you updated loves :)


Sunday, July 12, 2009


emma from All In Your Innerspace has a fabulous blog
i am officially the luckiest girl because i won a BB Dakota jacket!!!! click here to see it

its amazing and its the same one Bella wore in twilight...we all know how much I AM OBSESSED with twilight/vampires/supernatural-powers/etcc




for those of you who haven't visited her blog...please do yourself a favor and check it out!! click here

isn't the jacket gorgeous???

i'll post up pix as soon as i receive it :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

roksanda ilincic resort 2010

i saw this collection and I HAD TO SHARE IT

i love how she's wearing all these looks with dark blown-out hair and dark lips: FANTASTIC

went to a sports bar last night...ladies drank free!!! woooo it was a great time & tonight i'm going to another bar...hope it's just as fun or more :)

hows ur summer so far??
i've fallen in love with miami again


Thursday, July 9, 2009

one of my last stops - garage sale

one of the last stops i made before i left gainesville was going to this random garage sale...i LOVE garage/yard/estate sales and this one wasn't overflowing with riches but i still managed to get away with a couple of items...

as you all know i have a thing for elephants and this belt (i'm going to wear it as a NECKLACE) was perfect for me! i changed the look a little by removing an elephant so now its 3 elephants and it sits nicely on my neck :) i'll post pictures as soon as i wear it!!
this picture is super apologies...but it's two little gator pins (one silver, one gold) i love these!!! the university of florida (where i go) is home of the GATORS! so this i had to spirit can be fun :) haha
two stranded pearl necklace...classy

this was part of the elephant belt but it came apart and now i'm using this as a's huge and clanky but iloveeee

have any of you had any exciting purchases? let me know!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

on my RADAR

britney spears
music video premiere

click here.

(you won't be sorry)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


i wasn't loving the previous header so i made this one...WHAT DO YOU THINK?

please let me know...i'm still brainstorming so any comments are helpful :) thanks!

food family fireworks

i wore this the other night to a friends dinner party...too bad i wore a purple maxi dress yesterday (july 4th) instead of this ultra spirited red-white-blue outfit HAHAHA

i guess i'm just not appropriate ;)

i'm not sure how much i currently like these wrap-up sandals but i wore them anyways...they're not as sexy as they once were...

i wore my red vintage blazer!! yayyy & i paired it with a blue and white striped tank top and subtle black shorts

it was a nice dinner party. (last week)

yesterday: 4th of july
i: drove 5 hours (to go home), chilled with my parents (finally...i miss them), and went to my best friends house for a family dinner (i'm adopted into their family haha)

all in all it was a great day.
no traffic. big home welcome. fabulous indian/thai food. good punch&mojitos. juicy gossip.

how was your 4th of july??



meet my niece!!!

she was born tuesday july 2, 2009 :)

she is perfect


Saturday, July 4, 2009

morning SUGARR

good morning world!

instead of breakfast in bed this morning how about i bring you a very delectable serving of LOUIS VUITTON RESORT 2010??

this collection is so feminine and chic...TO DIE FOR!

here's a taste of the sweetness....

look: dominatrix relaxing in the caribbean...oh yeaaaa

this is adorable!!
so girly! (love)


i'm off to a 5 hour drive home (Miami)...i'll post some more sugar when i get home! ;)


Friday, July 3, 2009

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2010

this collection is flawless! i've been looking at all the resort 2010 collections and I AM IN LOVE...i'll be posting my favorites :)


Align Centeri need this's URGENT! ;)

please look @ the shoes...THEY NEED TO BE MINE!! haha


Carolina Herrera

resort 2010

these were my two favorites of the collection...i love the way they flow!


Thursday, July 2, 2009



emilio pucci
resort 2010 collection

i am in love with ALL the pieces

the black/white/blue comes together beautifully

look here...

the fabulous thing about this collection is that i can actually see myself wearing these outfits...they are GENIUS!!! i hope you enjoy the collection as much as i do :)


p.s. my GRE exam is tomorrow!!! eek!! i'm off to review/study some more now