Sunday, July 5, 2009

food family fireworks

i wore this the other night to a friends dinner party...too bad i wore a purple maxi dress yesterday (july 4th) instead of this ultra spirited red-white-blue outfit HAHAHA

i guess i'm just not appropriate ;)

i'm not sure how much i currently like these wrap-up sandals but i wore them anyways...they're not as sexy as they once were...

i wore my red vintage blazer!! yayyy & i paired it with a blue and white striped tank top and subtle black shorts

it was a nice dinner party. (last week)

yesterday: 4th of july
i: drove 5 hours (to go home), chilled with my parents (finally...i miss them), and went to my best friends house for a family dinner (i'm adopted into their family haha)

all in all it was a great day.
no traffic. big home welcome. fabulous indian/thai food. good punch&mojitos. juicy gossip.

how was your 4th of july??



  1. fabulous outfit! Glad your 4th was great! What a great holiday to spend with friends and family, eh? My 4th was great as well. Happy new week to you!

  2. thanks for your sweet comment Clare!

    i bookmarked your site so i'll be dropping by :) hope you do too!


  3. thai and mojitos are my FAVE! you looked hot and sounds like you had fuuun! i'm in canada til august so sadly missed the july 4th festivities...we have canada day, but it's just not the same!

  4. surprisingly thai and mojitos make a very YUMMY combination! :) you can make up for missing the 4th next year by celebrating BIGG!! haha

    thanks for your comment caroline!