Sunday, June 28, 2009

i promised...

i posted some items i bought a couple of days ago and as promised i will share how much i paid for the items will be surprised...

i have turned into a very thrifty shopper lately...i get a lot more pleasure out of buying something NON-mainstream because i HATE walking down the street and seeing someone wearing something i also own...makes me feel brainless :(...i like the uniqueness of buying vintage and thrifted items...i feel like i'm really making a statement and also being myself WHILE shopping at a bargain...blah blah...with no further are the prices of the items i got...I AM STILL GLOWING WITH HAPPINESS!!! haha


$ 0.50
$ 0. 50...these are probably my favorite pair!

$ 0.50

$ 0.50
$ 0.50

in other words SIX pairs of earrings for $ 3.50!!!!!!

brand: The Wild Pair
made in Brazil (GOOOO brasil!!!! we won the soccer game!!!! WOOOHOOO)
$ 3.00

this cardigan was $ 0. 25 TWENTY FIVE CENTS!!! WTF...i know!!


simple leather belt $ 1.00

therefore in total i spent about $ 11.00 - $ 12.00


and guess where i'm going tomorrow...SHOPPING :)

i'm hoping for a day full of beautiful finds...wish me luck!! i'll keep you posted...


Friday, June 26, 2009

3.1 phillip lim

fall 2009
ready to wear

3.1 phillip lim

ruffled mini
hair coat
eye-catching blazer
i love this grey ensemble

to die for suit

i was browsing collections online a couple weeks ago and had to share these BRILLIANT 3.1 phillip lim pieces...all of these are spectacular!!


music will never be the same...

my thoughts and prayers are with the Jackson family

June 25, 2009 marks the death of the most talented artist of all time

Michael Jackson you will forever be THE KING OF POP

i'm sending my blessings


you will always be my idol

MJs music broke barriers and his sense of style was always fabulous

r . i . p

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i am very pleased to say that yesterday-was-PERFECT!

...well EXCEPT for the fact that it was the first day of my cleanse diet and i broke down around 4 pm with hunger/starvation and broke the diet :( i've turned a new leaf and i'm all about being healthy and now i have to work REALLY REALLLY hard to achieve my goals. i am watching what i eat but i am NOT depriving myself because that obviously doesn't go summer goals are to achieve: a healthier body and an EVEN tan...i'll keep you updated on my progress :)


from 11:30 am - 3:00 pm i was in a VERY HAPPY PLACE.

i hit up about 4 vintage stores downtown and WOWW...great things, great things! Here are my newly purchased beloved items…

they look like real flowers dont they??? so gorgeous! (these are actually clip-ons, which i never wear because they pinch my ears...but i found these comfortable)

colorful little spikes
these are actual EARRINGS!!! once i saw these..i died! they are SO COOL!!! i love the fact that they're red and sparkly and soo unique!
i just love the combination of white and gold!

these teal babies are sure to STAND OUT!

OMGOMGOMG...these were made just for me. they're like wearing a bouquet of flowers on my ears. FABULOUS and oh-so-chic!
these are officially my first pair of cowboy boots! and they're made in BRAZIL....lovelovelove!brand: The Wild Pair

such a pretty color...
a simple/classy long cardigan-type---shiny buttons---had to have it!

BLOOMINGDALES blazer...oh yeahhhhhh

simple leather belt

i usually post how much i paid for items right away but i thought i'd let you GUESS how much i got these items for...i'll let you have some imaginative fun and i'll post up the prices i paid later on in the week :)

goodluck guessing!!