Sunday, May 31, 2009


decisions decisions! i LOVEEE my wall of accessories it makes dressing up so much more fun! i've tried getting rid of a few pieces but i just CANT. I have a lot of vintage pieces that are too UNIQUE to part with :)

look i tried this yesterday! i LAYERED 3 headbands and made a COLORFUL head cheery!


  1. What a collection of necklaces! I'm such a collector, too. I get tempted by everything that comes in all colours: paint in tins and tubes, embroidery wool, color crayons & pencils...

  2. thanks for your comment Eva!

    I have been collecting jewelery for years now...anything from brooches to earrings to bracelets, etc.

    I also collect purses, clutches, belts, etc. But your collection of paint/wool/crayons is very unique :) it must be the creative artist in you!

    xoxo Erika