Sunday, June 7, 2009

WILD for you

so yesterday was pretty exciting because I went thrifting and found a cool belt and some other nifty'll see them soon :)

today i'm going to lunch with a couple of friends and then off for a little shopping...i'll let u know how it goes later!

for now i'll leave you with some SEXY images...

love animals? OFCOURSE YOU DO!
i'm sure you all know about PETA's campaign but i just couldn't keep my eyes off this one...i wonder why?! LOL

PETA helps brings animal awareness with SKIN EXPOSURE
how hot is this??

make a bold statement

PORCUPINE's model too...look how beautiful he is with his spikes!!

sexy shoot (model wearing christian louboutin)


i love how all these images incorporate animals...they definitely TURN UP the heat
so today make sure to love ALL animals


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