Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dear diary, today was the best!

my feet hurt
i'm tired/hungry/thirsty
i had a wonderful day!!!

today i went to a bunch of consignment & thrift stores. boy. what i found! i've never been so excited! here are a couples of items i got my hands on...

canary yellow VINTAGE BLAZER

great color! not too bright, not too dull.

best yet...it was a STEAL!!!! $1.99!!!! ahhhh, now you know why i'm so HAPPY!

this silver necklace is so THICK & HEAVY! it was love at first sight.
ANOTHER STEAL!!!! $5.00!!!!

how lovely. look at that GOLD BAND and GORGEOUS GOLD BUTTON!

a long RED coat has been on my wishlist for sooo long now. and today...I GOT ONE!!!!

the buttons go ON & ON!

another lucky vintage find :)

it's such a STUNNING piece. i feel like the LUCKIEST girl IN THE WORLD when i wear it! it's so long and luxurious...definitely TO DIE FOR! mmm, now i just need it to snow in florida HAHA can't wait to wear this out and about!


  1. Great finds! The red one is my favourite (sigh. Wish I was young and pretty.)

  2. the red one is my favorite too!!

    and age is nothing but a number right?? i'm sure you could really WORK IT in a coat like this...try it! i would love to see pics :)


  3. LOVE THESE. The first one is killer! They're all so unique and chic. Wonderful blog x


  4. thanks for the comment!

    i never knew how much i LOVED yellow until i got this blazer :)


  5. Oh, take me to this place! Please! Thank you for follow my blog. I will pass more times here too!

  6. thanks for the sweet comment! :)

    i recommend searching through all the thrift/consignment/goodwill stores in your neighborhood and i'm sure you'll find some great things too! xoxo