Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i can NEVER say NO to: a steal/exclusivity/greatness

i can explain
here is why...

this was another great vintage find! i found it at the Humane Society and COULD NOT RESIST. i'm planning on attaching a long gold necklace to it and wearing this piece as a HUGE pendant!

the best thing about shopping at the Humane Society is that 100% of the proceeds go towards the care of the animals :) how WONDERFUL is that?!?

if there is a Humane Society near you make sure to check out their THRIFT store & buy EVERYTHING that catches your eye because it's going TOWARDS a GREAT cause :)

i found these white & gold rimmed "HORSE-SHOE" inspired earrings at a vintage store in downtown Gainesville...i bought them for LUCK!

yesterday was my first time at a little recycled shop in NE Gainesville and i couldn't help but lust after these 80's are they?? i LOVE them!

i couldn't keep my eyes off of these beauties!!!

look at the shape and texture of these earrings! TO DIE FOR! i can't wait to wear them :)

i saved this purse for last because it just might be my FAVORITE POSSESSION at the moment...

and guess's VINTAGE!!!

it's OFF-WHITE/NUDE/SKIN TONE color makes it so easy to match! it's long gold chain totally reminded me of CHANEL...what girl doesn't love Chanel??

this little purse is IDEAL for the summer! so comfortable and easy to carry around!
i am one happy girl! :)


  1. Hi, my name is Erika (with a "K" too) lol awesome to find another one :)

    Nice jewelry very pretty!


  2. Erika with a K!!!! we are one of a kind aren't we? lol :)

    thanks for the sweet comment! xoxo