Monday, June 1, 2009

if i could choose...well, I'D LIKE TO DIE IN THIS

Christian Louboutin: Emily Shoe Boot
i love the combination of grey, white, & black!

OMG! These are INCREDIBLE! These shoes are by Loeffler Randall.

LOVEEE this pattern. By Anna Sui.

This vintage Christian Dior blazer is so charming! Look at those buttons!! I just love the cut!

I actually saw a Christian Dior blazer today at Goodwill!!!!!
i couldn't get it though because it was way too small :( Such a great find though!!


  1. I guess death will come after half an hour walking.

  2. hahaha maybe...i hope i'd be able to walk in these killer shoes a little longer than that but you're probably right! :)

  3. it is really dificult to start a blog ah? but you are good!!!!!
    good luck!!!!

  4. thanks for your comment! it has been really difficult starting a blog...but i'm trying :)

    there are so many other bloggers, like yourself, that are soo soo talented! i hope to be able to have my blog grow :)

    thanks for the luck :) xoxo