Friday, June 5, 2009

"lean back in my first class seat &...SLEEP" LUPE FIASCO

currently listening to Lupe Fiasco
somehow i can't get enough
must be TRUE love

here are a couple of items i got today...

pretty plain shirt but i ALWAYS need more black :)
i love the detail on the's a nice, smooth black fabric
and ofcourse there are GOLD BUTTONS bitches!!! haha
i love my GOLD!

p.s. i use the term 'bitches' in my regular speech and i use it in the most respectful/caring/funny way possible :)

HIGHest WAIST ever

dark denim - skinny leg

this was a great find!!! the best part is the back of this high waisted's a CORSET-like back! so fabulous!

i think i'll probably wear these pants with a plain white tee, mussy hair, and RED lips



  1. oh man, those jeans look amazing. I really, really wish I could find a pair I can afford xD

  2. thanks for your comment!! :)

    these jeans were a great bargain!!! you are going to die when i tell you the price....9 DOLLARS!!!!!!

    i got them at a vintage/recycled shop...TRY TO FIND ONE!!! i always find hidden treasures :)

    and the best part...they are soo flattering!