Tuesday, June 16, 2009

scratch-y throat

here are some hookah pictures from last night...i loveee hookah! we had banana coconut flavor and peach flavor :)

bad news: one of my friends just told me smoking hookah for an hour is like smoking 16 cigarettes!!!! how insane is this?!? i don't wanna believe it :(

wearing my new cut-out/lace/crochet tee shirt from Nordstrom & black Old Navy velour pants & XXI oversized ring & Steve Madden booties

COOL PIC!! i didn't think my camera would capture the smoke but it did :)

my Steve Madden leopard booties :) LOVEEE THEM! they're house shoes though cuz they have a soft sole so i can't wear them out :(( tear tear

here's a cool pic of my goodfriend&roomate Grace...it's a little fuzzy but you can see the hookah in the back and my bamboo plants :)

the coal is so scary...it gets RED hot!!

we had a great time last night but i think i smoked a little too much hookah because my throat was all scratchy and sensitive :/ maybe hookah isn't the best for you after all?!?



  1. This is great x


  2. So funny. The cigarette thing, someone told me that too. My first date with this Turkish dude took me out to Hookahs. I'm just smoking away to lung cancer and he didn't want to even tell me that.

  3. thanks for the sweet comments!

    it's a huge disappointment that hookah is potentially/probably harmful to us :(

    funny turkish story lol